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Best Of: You Weren't In Love With Me

Billy Field seemingly came from out of nowhere in 1981 with the album Bad Habits and the hit single of the same name.

The Bad Habits LP became one of the biggest selling albums of the year, and was followed by another hit LP Try Biology. Two further LP’s: Say Yes and Western Light displayed Billy’s talents as a uniquely Australian songwriter.

Our 21 track career retrospective covers all 4 albums, and includes the hit singles 'Bad Habits' and 'True Love' and the Australian number 1 classic 'You Weren’t In Love With Me'.

Deluxe digi-pak release with 20 page booklet with rare photos & lyrics, digitally remastered (by Billy himself) and liner notes by noted Australian Rock author Ian McFarlane.



1. You Weren’t In Love With Me
2. True Love
3. Baby I’m Easy
4. Bad Habits
5. You’ll Call It Love
6. Since I Found Out
7. Never Be Blue
8. Good Golly Me
9. All The Time
10. Say Yes
11. Try Biology
12. Widgiewa
13. Thinking Of You
14. Beautiful World
15. Goodbye To The Open Plains
16. London
17. No-One’s People
18. Lucy Lucy
19. If I Could Cut Myself Free
20. Western Light
21. Our Children’s Land

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